3 Tips to Make Your Carpet Last Longer

3 Tips to Make Your Carpet Last Longer.

The carpet is one of the most important aspects of a living room and should be well taken care of. This is why many people spend a lot of money trying to make it last longer. A carpet gets replaced every seven years. One reason that many people replace their carpets is during a home remodeling to a home that has been just been purchased or being sold. Taking good care of your carpet means spending less money replacing it and having the carpet you love last longer. Taking good care of a carpet is one of the most important things you need to do if you want to make your carpet last longer. Some of the things to do below might seem like simple things like getting your carpet cleaned professionally, but doing them will make your carpet last longer. Here are some helpful tips from a few carpet care experts.

Take off your shoes

This is an important thing especially for homeowners with children. Doing this is the number one habit that will not only increase the intervals between your carpet cleanings but will also extend the general lifespan of your carpet.
Asking the guest to take off their shoes may seem like a hard thing to do, and it may be a little hard to establish this habit in the beginning, but just think about the savings you will be making in the long run. You will be able to spend less cleaning and increase the lifespan of your carpet in the long run. Without the proper care of your carpet, you will end up spending more money on carpet cleaning services in Spring Valley.

Limit soil filtration

Soil filtration happens as a result of air moving in and around the room when the HVAC system of your home is turned on. Damaged caused to the carpet by soil filtration can be improved using the right cleaning tools and solutions that have been specifically made for the job.
Burning candles can significantly exacerbate soil filtration in the carpet. It is a good idea to consider the dust your home creates and changing the filters of your HVAC system on a regular basis depending on the number of people and pets living in your home.

Vacuuming the carpets

Another way to increase the lifespan of your carpet in addition to a no-shoe policy and changing the filters of the HVAC system is vacuuming the carpet frequently and on a regular basis, Vacuuming will go a long way in helping you remove the small particles of dirt and gravel that are abrasive to carpet fibers.

Above are the three ways to ensure you extend the lifespan of your carpet. When in doubt always ask a professional to give you tips. If you need plumbing advice speak to a plumber, if you need carpet advice speak to a carpet cleaner.

DIY Carpet Cleaning Vs. Hiring A Professional


When it comes to carpet cleaning, you have the option of hiring the services of a professional carpet cleaning company like http://www.advancedcarpetcarellc.com/ Advanced Carpet Care or rent a machine to do everything on your own. There are advantages and disadvantages of both the options depending on your budget, expertise and experience. Here is a list of certain pros and cons of going the DIY route as compared to hiring the services of a professional.

One of the biggest advantages of cleaning the carpet on your own is that you are going to save a good amount of money up front. Carpet cleaning is not cheap when you hire the services of a professional and you stand to save a lot of money by going the DIY route but the downside is that you are not going to get a deep cleaning.

While it is true that most of the carpet cleaners available for rent are affordable, the truth is that these machines are not as high quality as those available with the professionals. These machines are less powerful which means that these are not going to get rid of all the dirt, cleaning solution and water in the carpet and the stains may return.

carpet_cleanAnother advantage of going the DIY route is that you will have complete control over the cleaning project. For instance, if you want to clean only certain areas in the house, you can do so but that is usually not the case with professionals. On the other hand, it is recommended to hire the services of a professional if you want to get the entire surface cleaned. Moving heavy furniture on your own can be dangerous whereas professional carpet cleaners will also take care of that for you.

If you decide to clean the carpet on your own, you can do it on your own schedule. For instance, if you have free time for cleaning only at 2 AM on a Saturday, it is up to you. On the other hand, you will need to schedule a professional carpet cleaner ahead of time which means that you may have to wait.

One of the biggest disadvantages of cleaning carpets on your own is that people often do not know the right cleaning solutions to use for different types of stains. On the other hand, professionals have access to non-toxic and green cleaning solutions that work on a variety of stains and ensure that stains do not return.

Overall, it is better to hire the services of a professional carpet cleaning company if you plan to clean the entire area. However, DIY route may be better if you plan to clean only a part of the surface.